hey so im not really in any of these fandoms anymore so i wont really update anymore ok yeah


the face in the mirror is a pale
and naked hostage and no one can tell
which room he’s being held in.

—  Richard Siken, Unfinished Duet


and not me

For thetardiswillsing 



"You have William Graham, Hannibal Lecter and Jack Crawford, as your three leads.  And then, there’s Alan Bloom and Freddy Lounds.  Really, the only female character in Red Dragon, besides the blind woman is Beverly Katz, and you only see her for a little bit.  So, I just thought that we need more female energy because I love writing for women and it was just too male.  The piece needed women.”

Bryan Fuller

 I can’t fight. I can’t walk. But I could do something.

"The interesting thing about Tris is that I don’t think she is a badass. Like she’s not a superhero, she’s not an action star. And I think there is something really refreshing about bringing a normal adolescent to life in a way that she has to rise to the occasion to find her brave heart, and be very courageous in situations where she doesn’t necessarily want to be." -Shailene Woodley